Achievements of IEDC

Achievements of IEDC

Achievements of IEDC

The objectives of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC) are to provide handholding support to first generation entrepreneurs by helping the set up their own micro and small enterprises; to catalyse and promote development of S&T knowledge-based enterprises; to create Entrepreneurial culture; to inculcate a culture of innovation driven entrepreneurship through student projects; to promote employment opportunities in the innovative areas; to respond effectively to the emerging challenges and opportunities both at national and international level relating to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and micro enterprises; to generate patent awareness among students and faculty and encourage motivation for patent; to facilitate Inter-Disciplinary research; to act as an interface between students and the industry and to remove the trust deficit between the same; to promote commercial research culture through a strong venture of university-industry tie-ups; to propagate the formation and development of start-up businesses to a point of obtaining significant third party investment and; to give students the experience of learning through mutual support.

In order to fulfil the above objectives, promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the CGC and the region, following activities was organized in the form of achievements-:

Under Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Cell (IEDC), an institute level competition named “AUMENTO 2015” was organized. ‘Aumento 2015’ – envisioned with an idea to nurture technological innovation which would be later capable of commercialization.

The competition will be a platform for students to display highly innovative technical projects, the best of which shall be chosen for consultation and assistance to be provided by the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Development Center of Chandigarh Engineering College.

The competition serves as a filter for good projects to be taken up at the IEDC.’Aumento’ would look for ideas and projects which are technically innovative, practically applicable and commercially viable. ‘Aumento’ would be unique by the virtue of inculcating inter-disciplinary research and commercial viability in one competition. ‘Aumento’ shall be an annual event.

Chandigarh Engineering College was invited entries from all over the region from engineering institutions. The participating teams will compete in two phases, which have been outlined in the later.

The best projects was chosen by the panel of judges was provided with a monetary grant from DST and consultation from Chandigarh Engineering College. Other good projects which do not make it to the top would also be eligible for consultation and support in terms of technical needs.

Under IEDC total ten projects are granted funding from DST, which are as follow-

  • PIC Microcontroller based greenhouse automation system
  • Solar window
  • Central control unit for irrigation motor pumps
  • Head motion controlled wheelchair
  • Pneumatic car Lift
  • Intelligent Blind and Deaf Stick with navigation facility
  • Separate lubrication system for turbocharger
  • Wireless Electricity
  • Metro Manager

Aforementioned projects are prepared by students of various Engineering departments of CEC including mechanical, electronics & communication, Information technology and computer science engineering. Around INR 10 lakh was granted under IEDC to support the projects.