Activities of IEDC

Activities of IEDC

DST NIMAT Project 2018-19

CEC has received a grant for organizing 05 EAC (Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp) camps from EDII, Gandhinagar. The schedule of same is as follows:

Sr. NoActivity/ ProgramLocationCoordinator’s Name, Mobile Number & Email IDmDate of commencementDate of Completion
1EACCEC,LandranParamveer Singh Gill, 9023844575,
08.08.18 10.08.18
2EACCEC,LandranParamveer Singh Gill, 9023844575,
3EACCEC,LandranParamveer Singh Gill, 9023844575,
4EACCEC,LandranParamveer Singh Gill, 9023844575,
5EACCEC,LandranParamveer Singh Gill, 9023844575,

Professor, ECE, CEC

Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp (EAC)
EAC is awareness camp organize to develop entrepreneurship qualities among engineering and science students. The program will consist of 12 sessions of one hour each. In the program students will learn how to open a new Enterprise (Business), to arrange funds, to market the product and students will also get a chance to interact with entrepreneur through an Industrial visit.
CEC organized one Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp (EAC) in 2013-14, two in 2014-15, five in 2015-2016 and 3 in 2016-2017 till December 2016. Details of EACs are as follows

DateSponsored By
12th -14th August, 2013CEC Landran
1st -3rd December, 2014CEC Landran
19th- 21st January, 2015CEC Landran
27th – 29th January, 2016EDI, Ghandinagar under DST-NIMAT Project and CEC Landran
29th Feb – 2nd March 2016>EDI, Ghandinagar under DST-NIMAT Project and CEC Landran
9th – 11th March, 2016EDI, Ghandinagar under DST-NIMAT Project and CEC Landran
21st -23rd March, 2016EDI, Ghandinagar under DST-NIMAT Project and CEC Landran
29th – 31st March, 2016EDI, Ghandinagar under DST-NIMAT Project and CEC Landran

Startup Weekends

Start Up Weekends are 54 Hours events where developers, designers, marketers, product managers and start up enthusiast, come together to share ideas, form teams, build products, launch startups and be Champions

Business Plan Competition

A business plan is invited from numbers of team and three best plans was selected by a number of rounds
IEDC-CEC has been graced by several noteworthy guest talks in the past. Some of them being by:

Prof. DeepikaBhallaHoD (IT & EDP),PTU Nalanda Entrepreneurship School
Dr. R.C. Agnihotry,Principal ScientistCSIO, Chandigarh
Mr. Amit GroverFounder and CEONurture Talent Academy
Mr. PuneetVatsayamPresidentTIE Chandigarh
Mr. SumeerWaliaAssociate DirectorTIE Chandigarh
Mr. H.S.CheemaManaging DirectorCheema Boiler Ltd
Mr. Ekaant AgarwalManaging DirectorLPP
Mr. Sunil NarangManaging DirectorIdeaz Factory

Several top-notch corporate firms have conducted workshops in the past including Deloitte, Microsoft, Intel, Wipro.

Business Incubator

This helps new and startup companies to develop by providing services such as management training or office space.

Among the most common incubator services are:

Following Activities are proposed by CEC to EDI, Ghandinagar under DST-NIMAT Project and are in process

Faculty Development Program In Entrepreneurship (FDP)

This program is a two week Faculty Development Program. The major objective of this program is to train faculty working in Science and Technology colleges so that they can further train students of Science and Technology colleges who want to adopt entrepreneurship as career option.

Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP)

The program will consist of 100 sessions of one hour and fifteen minutes each. The program coves following modules:

  • MODULE – 1: Motivational Input
  • MODULE – 2: Entrepreneurship & Schemes Of Assistance
  • MODULE –3: Project Selection & It’s Pre-Feasibility
  • MODULE – 4: Consolidation Of Business Idea
  • MODULE – 5: Project Report Preparation
  • MODULE – 6: Management Inputs.
  • MODULE – 7: Technical Training / Exposure

Projets Under IEDC

Under IEDC total ten projects are granted funding from DST

Companies Registered under Entrepreneurship Cell

CodeSchools, Indo Kashmir Complex, Nawa Bazar, Zaldagar, Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir-190002

  • Name of Student : RomaanZahoorShair
  • Registered Year : 2016

Raju Bros Softech Private Limited, 4th Floor, Southern Block, Rgs Complex, Khajpura, Patna, Patna, Bihar, India, 800014

  • Name of Students : Nishant and Ishant
  • Registered Year : 2016

Patents Filed under Entrepreneurship Cell

Inventors:Shair, Gibran KhanProf.(Dr) Amit Verma, Prof.BhartVerma, Roman Zahoor Shair, Gibran Khan
Patent No8139
OrganizationChandigarh Engineering College, Landran.
InventorsProf.(Dr) RadheyShyam, Mr. Gaurav Rajput
Patent No2507/DEL/2015
OrganizationChandigarh Engineering College, Landran
InventorsDr. Shashi Bhushan, Ishant Raju, Nishant Raju, Rajat Saxena
Patent No:1382/DEL/2015
OrganizationChandigarh Engineering College, Landran

Details of Various Projects under IEDC

Head motion controlled wheelchair

  • Our project is an attempt to make lives of the people suffering from quadriplegics simple and by simpler we mean self-reliant, which will thereby reinstate their confidence and their happiness.
  • The idea is to create an Head Motion Controlled System which allows movement of the patient’s wheelchair depending on the movements of the head
  • We have created a device where a patient sitting on the Wheel Chair is able to move in a direction just by tilting his head in that direction.
  • The ultrasonic sensors will then guide the motors wired to the Arduino Uno Microcontroller over the Serial Interface to move in a particular direction.

Present Location of the Project/Status: Research and Innovation Lab ECE Deptt./Completed.
Commercialization of Product: product can be commercialized, can be used by the hospitals to help the patients.

Central control unit for irrigation motor pumps

  • The Central Control Unit has been developed as an expert system that records field parameters like soil moisture, pH, temperature, humidity and sends this information to the farmer through the GSM module attached to the Zigbee Coordinator.
  • Motor pump can be switched ON/OFF through a message.
  • Farmer will automatically receive the parameter details after 5 hrs, but if required in between a simple missed call will provide farmer the details of these parameters.

Mentor (s)
Ms. Parminder Kaur, Assoc. Professor, ECE Department, CEC, Landran
Ms. Aman Saini, Assistant Professor, ECE Department, CEC, Landran
Student (s) Gaurav Sareen, Komal Marwah, Ashish Gupta, Lakhanpal Singh, Shubham Gogade
Funding Agency Department of Science & Technology, India
Commercialization of Product: Product can be commercialized, important application in Agriculture sector

PIC Microcontroller based greenhouse automation system

  • The main motive of this project is to make sure that all the land that is uncultivable can be converted into areas that can bloom and fulfil the necessities of people residing in the abutting regions.
  • The rover consists of an on board system incorporated with various sensors that are CO2 sensor, CH4 sensor, soil moisture sensor, digital light sensor, and humidity and temperature sensor, controller (arduino DUE and arduino UNO) and a GSM module (SIM 900).
  • Arduino Due is a controller development board for the sensor combination mentioned. Arduino Due is basically enabled with two I2C Port for Serial Communication and four UART based Serial Communication Ports

Commercialization of Product: It will be of great help in agriculture industry
Present Location of the Project/Status:

Pneumatic car Lift

Details available with Dr. Paras

Solar window (solar back-pack)

  • Solar energy can be generated using photovoltaic (PV) cell, generally available as a form of solar panel. A number of innovations regarding shape, size, flexibility, and transparency in recent years have given solar panels a different identity as well as a wide range of design options.
  • This project has dual aim (i) a curtain of solar pads is used as solar window to generate the electricity to operate mobile charger, LEDs, laptop charger and other low power appliances.
  • design of flexible Intelligent Solar Backpack with various applications, the major one is for military purpose as rescue operation during any natural disaster, having tracking and communication facility with source station.
  • The backpack equipped with solar power pads, battery bank, GSM and GPS technology is light in weight and have efficient solar energy generator for back-up time of more than 8 hr with various features.

Location of the Project: Research and Innovation Lab (Ground floor, Block-1)
Patent Detail: Not applied
Commercialization: Under progress

Metro Management Project

  • Metro Manager is a concept of an application which will work as a virtual assistant for commuters of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) to make the commutation process smooth and feasible who are not well versed with the complicated route of Delhi Metro.
  • It will feature a virtual assistant which will assist the commuter to reach his destination without the need of internet connectivity. It will primarily work using GPS coordinates to determine the current location and the destination.

Mentor (s)
Dr. Amit Verma, Head of Department, CSE, CEC, Landran
Mr. Bharat Verma, Astt. Professor, CSE, CEC, Landran
Romaan Zahoor Shair, Gibran Ali Khan
Funding Agency
Department of Science & Technology, India
Companies Registered
CodeSchools, Indo Kashmir Complex, Nawa Bazar, Zaldagar, Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir-190002
Name of Student : Romaan Zahoor Shair
Registered Year : 2016

Wireless Electricity

  • The idea is to put the electricity in the air in the form of magnetic fields just the same process very much similar to WIFI router, as it put the internet signals in air the product will transmit electricity in air and all the electrical devices within the range will be able to receive electricity wirelessly and operate to their functionality for what they are designed.
  • This device can be made to transmit electricity from power stations to local transformer wirelessly and they can be even modified to transmit power to electrical trains wirelessly.

Mentor (s)
Dr. Rajdeep Singh, HoD & Professor, ME, CEC, Landran
Dr. Radhey Sham Rajoria, Professor, ME CEC, Landran
Student : Gaurav Kumar
Funding Agency :Department of Science & Technology, India


  • AAWAZZ is software primarily developed considering the difficulty faced by dumb people in communicating and hence diminishing their employability. This software provides an ailment to such people to communicate and thus increase their employability.
  • It is basically a desktop application which works on the real time and follows a “Text-to-Speech” approach. This acts as a framework and platform for all other computer language to use AAWAZZ as a speech generating tool.
  • The computer languages which do not support the text-to-speech module of their own can use this framework for speech generation. It has different modules and modes to make the application more user-friendly.

Patent filed:

InventorsDr. Shashi Bhushan, Ishant Raju, Nishant Raju, Rajat Saxena
Patent No:1382/DEL/2015
OrganizationChandigarh Engineering College, Landran

Companies Registered
Raju Bros Softech Private Limited, 4th Floor, Southern Block, Rgs Complex, Khajpura, Patna, Patna, Bihar, India, 800014
a. Name of Students : Nishant and Ishant
b. Registered Year : 2016

Separate lubrication system for turbocharger

  • Separating the lubrication system for turbocharger is Technical aspect of the utility model for solving the technical problem. There is leakage problem of engine lubricating oil from turbo charger. So there is need for separating lubrication system.
  • Turbo charger shaft runs at very high speed. During its working operation dust particle enter in casing and make wear off the bush. In this way lubricating oil drain from turbo charger.
  • By separating the lubrication system, above problem can be overcome and also it give adequate lubrication and make oil contamination free.

Intelligent Blind and Deaf Stick with navigation facility

  • An intelligent stick has successfully been developed which will help visually impaired and deaf people.
  • In case of any emergency the blind or deaf person can press any of the four switches linked with GPS and GSM and his/her location can be tracked easily by sending map of his exact location to the saved contacts.
  • This intelligent stick consists of short sensor circuit, vibration sensor, Proximity sensor, GSM and GPS modules. Apart from these, the intelligent stick has an additional vibratory feedback mechanism which is crucial for people with multiple disabilities. This mechanism enhances the overall feedback received by the user who receives the output in different formats of vibration, distinctive as per sensors.
  • This stick is better than traditional white cane stick as the latter is not suitable for detecting potentially dangerous obstacles at head level.

Mentor (s) Ms. Parminder Kaur, Assoc. Professor, ECE, CEC, Landran
Student (s) Lakhanpal Singh, Gaurav Sareen, Hitesh Vohra, Uddish Kapoor
Funding Agency Department of Science & Technology, India