About the Department

The Department of Applied Sciences, Chandigarh Engineering College endeavors to inculcate the young inquisitive minds with the fundamental and advanced postulates of Engineering courses (like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, BEE, EGD, English, and PPS). The department practices a well-established teaching-learning paradigm that is based on the amalgamation of theoretical and experiential lessons. For the same purpose, the college has constructed well-equipped and up-to-date laboratories. The Department also conducts guest lectures, seminars and workshops to help students assimilate the complex topics. The department lays down a sound foundation of ethical engineering practices which, it thinks, would help students in becoming competent professionals with high ethics.

Furthermore, the college provides students with endless opportunities in the form of extracurricular activities where they showcase their talents and are also awarded for their trailblazing achievements. Believing that making a career is not a day’s work, the college starts preparing the students from day one. Consequently, career counseling of the students is done from the very first year of their engineering degree which involves the unified efforts of faculty and the students. The students are trained with the full commitment so that they become capable of justifying the credibility of the department by showing a high level of professional competence in the years to come.