Alumni Annual Book

Alumni Annual Book

A. Evidences of papers published/Award received by projects

Some students have received awards for their projects in competition in the college or outside college. The details of students with paper published are given below:

Table 2.18: Papers Published (2015-16)

Roll No. Students Name Paper Topic
1502668 Aditi Seth Honeypot: A Security Tool in Intrusion Detection
1502696 AmitSangwan A Survey on Cloud Computing
1502733 Bhavya Vehicular Ad-hoc Network, A Review
1502770 Gobind Jindal Overview of Cloud Computing
1502793 himanshu Kumar Gait Recognition of Human Using BPNN and SVM Classifiers
1502813 Jigyasa Malhotra A Survey on Zone Routing Protocol
1502866 MohitArora “Survey of UDP, TCP for video streaming in WiMAX”
1502894 Nishu Kumari Two Layer Security to Web Applications
1502960 Riya Study the impact of different attacks on zone routing protocol in MANET
1502920 Pranshu Taneja Enhanced Offline Signature Recognition Using Neural Network and LDA

The details of students with Projects are given below:

Table 2.21: Details of project received awards (2015-16)

Roll No. Name of Student Project Name Area of Project Position Venue
1305744 Raminder Singh Water Rocket Fluid Mechanics (water resources) First Spectrum Event( Organized by Department of Water Resources Development and Management, IIT Roorkee) at Cognizance 2016, IIT-Roorkee
1305498 Akshay Bhat
1305762 RomaanZahoorShair Metro Manager Offline dynamic virtual assistant and navigation system for Delhi metro Second CEC, Landran

Table 2.22: Details of project received awards (2014-15)

Roll No. Name of Student Project Name Area of Project Position Venue
1239307 Kashish kumar Counter Strike Artificial Intelligence First SUS,Tangori

Table 2.23: Details of project received awards (2013-14)

Roll No. Name of Student Project Name Area of Project Position Venue
1239210 Akshay Shekhar Android Application Development Android First IIT,Kanpur
S.No. Name Roll No. Batch Project Name Semester
1 Akanksha Sharma 1239206 2012-2016 Student Management system 7th
2 Chirag Dhingra 1239248 2012-2016 Face Recognition Using Laplacian Faces 7th
3 Chandresh Chandan 1239246 2012-2016 Broadview Properties 7th
4 Tanisha Saini 1305570 2013-2017 Conatact management system 5th
5 Malika Ahuja 81005107063 2008-2012 Online customer query handling and response system 7th
6 Anu Gogia 81005107018 2008-2012 Remote PC administration 7th
7 Ambika Sarin 1405442 2014-2018 Inventory Management system 5th
8 Japneet Singh 1503927 2015-2019 Online booking 5th
9 Vivek Badyal 1542376 2015-2019 Stock manager 5th
10 Kamalpreet Sharma 1503929 2014-2018 Roting protocols with redistribution and network security 5th
11 Tanupreet kaur 1305819 2013-2017 Cyber security 5th
12 Lovepreet multani 1239317 2012-2016 Kerebros 7th
13 Harneet singh 1239275 2012-2016 Health care management 7th
14 Vishakha Kapoor 1139308 2011-2015 Company Registration with Nasscom 7th
15 Chahat Mittal 1305554 2013-2017 Notepad 5th
16 Manjinder Kaur 1306696 2012-2016 Institute Management System 7th
17 Arundeep Kaur 1181727 2012-2016 Bug tracker 8th
18 Vishal Gupta 100170305113 2010-2014 Smart Trading Expert B2B 8th
19 Vishesh Raja 90170303368 2009-2013 A social Networking site for Colleges 8th
20 Malika Ahuja 81005107063 2008-2012 ICD 10 8th
21 Navisha 1239346 2012-2016 GIS-Wintel-SQL Server 8th
22 Mishika Chugh 1239339 2012-2016 SAP 8th
23 Jaskaranjit singh Randhawa 1239294 2012-2016 Implementation model of Reliance Gio (4G) 8th