Award & Recognition

Award & Recognition

Student Achievements

Sports Achievements

Maninder Singh, University Roll No. 1305666 of B.Tech. (CSE) secured 1st position (Gold Medal) in 200 Meter Butterfly and 800 meter freestyle in PTU Inter College Swimming Tournament.
Prabhjot Singh, University Roll No. 1305715 of B.Tech. (CSE) participated in All India Jeevan Virk Memorial Roller scatting Hockey Championship as Captain of his Team from Kurukshetra, Haryana from 29.08.2014 to 1.09.2014 and his team has Won a cash Prize of Rs. 100000/- and Gold medal.

Sports Achievements (Team Events)(2014-2015)

The following Students won 1st position (Gold Medal) in Inter College Basketball Tournament of PTU.

Name Of Students University Roll No. Course/Branch
Smriti Kaur Kaura 1239449 B.Tech. (CSE)
Chamanpreet 1239245 B.Tech. (CSE)
Kirti Chawla 1239314 B.Tech. (CSE)
Esha Garg 1239258 B.Tech. (CSE)

The following Students won 3rd position (Bronze Medal) in Inter College Football Tournament of PTU.

Name Of Students University Roll No. Course/Branch
Anuj Sharma 1239232 B.Tech. (CSE)
Shivam Kaul 1239435 B.Tech. (CSE)

PTU Merit Positions

Name Of Student Semester PTU Position Year
Payal 3rd 2nd 2014
Sunil Chauhan 3rd 6th 2014
Pritika 5th 4th 2014
Anchal Khullar 5th 4th 2014
Jasmeen Sharma 7th 10th 2014
Payal 4th 1st 2015
Maneet Singh Bedi 4th 3rd 2015
Ujjwal 4th 4th 2015
Komalpreet Kaur 4th 7th 2015
Sunil Chauhan 4th 7th 2015
Smriti Ranjan Smriti Ranjan 6th 3rd 2015
Baldeep Kaur 6th 6th 2015
Amita Goel 6th 6th 2015
Anchal Gupta 6th 7th 2015