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Activity Calendar

Date Day Name of Activity Contact Person
Number & Email ID
Proposed Budget Scope of Event Outcome Expert Details
10-14 Dec 2018 STC (ICT Based) Dr. Mukesh Kumar
NIL Optimization Techniques with engineering applications Enhancement in the knowledge for optimization techniques NITTTR Chandigarh.
24-28 Dec 2018 FDP HOD ME NIL Enhancement of teaching skills Efficient and focused teaching skills Dr. VikasDhawan
Dr. LC Singal
Dr. Sanjeev Sharma
Dr. VikasDhawan
Dr. LC Singal
Dr. Sanjeev Sharma
16 Jan 2019 Wednesday Workshop Dr. SachinMohal
Dr. Mukesh Kumar
5000 Futuristic Trends in Automobile Technology Enhancement of skills in the area of automotive technology
4-8 Feb 2019 STC (under IEDC) Dr. Sanjeev Sharma 50,000 (funded by IEDC) Entrepreneurship and startups To encourage the faculty and students for Entrepreneurship and startups Speakers from outside, Names will be later on.
20 Feb 2019 Wednesday Workshop Dr. LC Singal
Dr. Rajesh Sharma
5000 Advances in Air Conditioning System Skill Enhancement in the area of air conditioning Dr. LC Singal
8 March 2019 Friday Thrust Ms. AishnaMahajan 15000 Technical and Non-Technical Event Skill enhancement using technical and Non-Technical Events
20 March 2019 Wednesday Workshop Mr. SandeepSangwan 4000 Workshop on CAD Skill enhancement in CAD JS Gill CAD Desk Mohali
10 April 2019 Wednesday Seminar Dr. Sanjeev Sharma 3500 Advances in Manufacturing processes Skill enhancement of faculty and students in latest manufacturing processes Dr. Rupindersingh GNE Ludhiana