Director Principal Message

Director Principal Message


We are in the midst of a revolution. The nation is basking the glory of a new proud generation that is taking the world by storm. The entire intellectual community of the world has woken up to the reality that India is a treasure – house of talent and intelligence. The youth of today are taking India to unparallel heights of prosperity. The only raw material essential to this great turnaround is EDUCATION i.e. Knowledge. Knowledge is Power. All great achievements are the products of man’s dreams, ambition and dedication to achieve a truly noble goal.

Chandigarh Engineering College (CEC) under CGC Group (Chandigarh Group of Colleges) is the crystallization of the efforts, dreams and aspirations of all the people involved in this mission to give the best to the students who desire to be equipped with the right essential to be successful in all spheres of an exciting new world where knowledge is everything. From the day of its inception, CEC nurtured a dream to become a leading technical Institute with a global vision. Today the dream has become a reality as CEC students have gained due recognition worldwide for their academic and professional excellence. Here in CEC facilities are available for value added programmes and personality development so as to enhance the employment opportunities of our graduates. In addition to the existing University curriculum, special training is provided to improve Communication Skills and Personality Development to enhance the employability of our students. A good number of companies visit the college to conduct campus interviews.

CGC targets at 100% campus placement for all eligible candidates. A congenial and disciplined atmosphere is maintained in the campus for the academic and extracurricular development of the student. The various departments are headed by highly experienced Professors and sufficient faculty is available in all branches of study. Armed with 14 years of proud experience, we are on the way to further eminence and excellence. The undisputed strength of the institution is its alumni and alumnae, well placed in India and abroad. This institution has a unique culture and nurtures social and ethical values in addition to the quality in education. Parents and prospective parents are most welcome to this campus and our doors are always open. Dear students, we, educators instill in you the ability to know right from wrong and act according to your conscience and not mere convenience. Management supports to the fullest extent in building the institution as center of excellence. I draw the attention of all the students to follow the college and university regulations strictly to maintain good academic atmosphere in the institution. If you have a vision in which you can believe, there’s no end to the amount of things you can accomplish. I welcome you to the new world of education at CEC.

Dr. Vikas Dhawan
Director Principal
Chandigarh Engineering College