Expert Talk on Computer Networking and Data Centre Service on 15.10.2018

An Expert talk is arranged for B.Tech 3rd & 5th Semester of ECE on 15th Oct, 2018. The Lecture will be delivered by Er. Subhash Chander Kashyap , Joint Director ,TBRL, Chandigarh.
Objective of Expert talk: The objective is to make students aware about Terminal Ballistics Research Laboratory Networking Operations and how students of ECE Can make their career in defence.
About the lecture
The speaker will explain about Implementation of computer networking and data centre services in Defence sector. He will discuss how security is important and can be maintained while networking.
The lecture will not only include computer networking basics but also interconnected collections of such devices, which will include Routers ,switches , hubs ,gateways including networks and other switching systems.
The lecture will cover all the networking standards and will be emphasized on how virtualization of networks enables defense data centre administration.

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