The main objective of establishing the lab is to set up an institutional mechanism to create self-learning opportunities and to convert students into professionals. Under this project, Cisco IT learners can access and implement routing & Layer 2 core switching lab configurations virtually over the Internet from the convenience of a personal computer. These virtual labs are powered by Cisco IOS Software (version 15) on UNIX.


Data Structure Lab
This lab enables students to improve practical skills in designing and implementing basic linear data structure algorithms. It also helps them in designing and implementing Non-linear data structure algorithms


Object-Oriented Programming Lab
The lab helps students in understanding the classes incorporating object-oriented techniques, inheritance & polymorphism, containers and the need for exceptions to handle errors.


Computer Networks Lab
Through this lab, students understand the ways to share the resources over the local network and comprehend the ways to connect the systems using various types of equipment. Cisco packet tracer software helps students to architect the LAN and IP addressing scheme.


Database Management Lab
This Laboratory enables students to retrieve data from relational databases using SQL. Students will also learn about triggers, cursors, stored procedures, etc. The lab work is done with the help of the Oracle 12c database.


Software Engineering Lab
Software Engineering lab helps students in learning various project phases and development of planning documents. It gives practical knowledge to students to design various models of their projects. They implement their lab work through Open Proj, Smart draw, Rational rose software, etc.


Medical Dispensary
Medical Facility is available to meet the first aid and routine medical requirements of the students free of cost. In the dispensary, the consultation is also provided to the members of the faculty and staff of the department.

The favorite haunt of students during off hours is the spacious and well-designed canteen with a suitable aesthetic touch. Our canteen has a modern kitchen with the latest appliances to provide for Indian and Chinese cuisines. The interior is tastefully crafted to provide the much-needed relief and soothing environment.

Tuck Shop
The department has a dedicated tuck shop that provides for the stationery needs of the students.