Facilities and Resources


  • Department of Mechanical Engineering is fully equipped with the laboratories which is providing the practical aspect to the students so that they can utilize their knowledge in better way.
  • The students are encouraged to undertake minor projects of technical subjects as well as major projects in final year of their curriculum. These projects are mentored by faculty. The students are made aware of the DST grants/PTU IDP projects grants and others from time to time.
  • Patent advisor/advocate visit campus fortnightly and take up queries of students as well as faculty about filling of an IPR. In addition to this, students and faculty also get financial help from college to promote R & D work.
  • Department have adequate number of lab instructors and lab attendants as per lab locations. The lab staff is motivated to attend workshops/FDPs/STCs/Seminars so that skill upgradation of each can be done.


  • Department of Mechanical Engineering which is equipped with industry standard automation And robotics lab. IN this lab students and faculty get to study about different automation systems
    In industries.
  • They also learn about the basic concepts of robotics system as used in the industries.
  • Students also make different minor and major projects and also represent their projects at Different state and national levels.


  • The study of fluid and fluid mechanics is very important in today’s Industrial applications. In order
    To make our student proficient with the subject we have fluid mechanics lab.
  • In this lab students perform different experiments and analyse the different fluid mechanisms.
  • This lab is equipped with apparatus such as: – Multicentre apparatus, Bernoulli apparatus, Notch apparatus, Reynold apparatus, and Hydraulic coefficient apparatus.


  • In today’s scenario study of different mechanisms and the problems related to need to be addressed so that new innovations can come out.
  • In Theory of Machines Lab students performs, analyse and get to know about different mechanisms and their pros and cons.
  • This lab is equipped with apparatus such as: – Epicycle Gear train, Universal Governor, Static and Dynamic Balancing, Gyroscope, Journal bearing apparatus.


  • In REFRIGERATION AND AIR CONDITIONING LAB students learn about different concepts of refrigerator, compressor, and air-conditioner.
  • Students perform thermodynamics analyse and study the working of different machines.
  • The lab is equipped with different apparatus such as :- RAC control cut model board, Electrolux Refrigerator, air conditioning test rig.


  • The department of mechanical engineering is equipped with automobile engineering lab where students get to know about different parts used in our today’s automobile vehicle
  • Students make formula cars, Go kart etc. under the supervision and guidance of faculty and workshop head and experts from their field of expertise


  • In this lab students study about different applications of thermodynamics in real life.
  • Students perform different experiments on engine test rig, turbines, compressor, and boilers.
  • We have different apparatus such as: – Two stage air compressor, Multicylinder petrol engine test rig, single cylinder diesel engine test rig, separating and throttling calorimeter, Babcock and Wilcox boilers.


  • The department of mechanical engineering is equipped with state of the art Heat Transfer lab./li>
  • In this lab students under the guidance lab assistants perform different experiments where heat transfer takes place in between the system and the Surroundings.
  • This lab is equipped with different apparatus such as:- Drop wise and film wise condensation, conduction through composite walls, thermal Conductivity of the liquid, two phase heat transfer, forced convection.


  • In this lab students study about the micro and micro structure of different metals and alloys
  • Students perform different experiments on metals in order to improve its properties such as: – hardness, toughness, grain structure, stress removal.
  • Students perform different processes on metals such as: – annealing, tempering, hardening, quenching, normalizing, case hardening.
  • This lab is equipped with apparatus such as:- metallurgical microscope, muffle furnace, double disc polishing machine, Jominy’s end quench test apparatus, hot air dryer.


  • Proper analysis & knowledge of the strength of the material is very essential in the designing and fabrication of different machines and machine parts.
  • Students under the guidance of the lab supervisor perform different experiments such as: – Tensile test, Compression test, Izod test, charpy test, buckling test, hardness test, torsion test.
  • This lab is equipped with modern and state of art machines such as: – Universal Testing Machine, Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine, Impact Testing Machine, Torsion Testing Machine, and Column Testing Machine.


  • In this lab students get to know about the different measurement tools used in the industries while manufacturing and designing the product.
  • In this lab students use measurement tools such as:- Dial Calliper, Vernier Calliper, Surface plate, micrometre, screw gauge, sine bar, dimmer (variac), feeder gauge .


  • Mechanical vibrations lab is one of the most important and essential lab in mechanical engineering.
  • In this students learn about different types of balancing of the masses such as: – static and dynamic balancing.
  • They also learn to reduce the vibrations which occur in machinery during operations.
  • They also learn to reduce the vibrations which occur in machinery during operations.
  • This lab has following apparatus: – UNIVERSAL VIBRATIONS.


  • In this lab students make different components on different metal forming machines.
  • Students under the guidance of workshop in charge make components such as: – gears, casting, moulds.
  • Students perform various operations such as welding, cutting, drilling, casting, forging, forming, sheet metal working, etc.
  • Following are the various machines used in this lab : – Radial Drilling Machine , Tig Welding Machine, Arc Welding Machine, Mig Welding Machine, Lathe Machine, Grinder, Spot Welder.


  • In this lab students learn about the Computer aided drafting and Computer aided manufacturing of parts/components.
  • In this lab students are taught designing software’s such as: – Solid works, Pro E, AutoCAD.
  • In this lab students are made industry ready by providing them the knowledge of CNC programming which include gcode and mcode.
  • This lab has machinery such as: – CNC trainer Lathe, CNC Milling Machine.


• Innovation centre: The purpose of Innovation center is to aware new comers about innovations and projects, which have been recently invented in research and development department by students and faculty advisers.
• Single cylinder CRDi Engine with Medhavi Open ECU: A MOU has been signed with “Medhavi centre for automotive research” on 14.01.2014 to impart training to the students on latest technology in the field of automobile engines. Medhavi open ECU research engine offer the platform and technology required to support IC engine research and development; by which the various fuel parameters can be changed manually with the use of PC based software.
• CNC Machine: It is a controlling system with digital electronic computers used to control machines. It controls, automates, and monitors the movements of a machine.
• IEDC Cell: IEDC was implemented on 28 Oct, 2014 in the Department of Mechanical Engineering CEC, Landran (Mohali) with an aim of developing institutional mechanism to create entrepreneurial culture in academic institutions.
• International exposure through project exhibition: Since the beginning of this academic year, many students have been working on a project of their choice, focusing on a variety of subjects, such as technology, service or the creative arts.
• Project lab: In this project lab various machines such as, Grinder, Cutter, Lathe machine are provided to the students to construct new projects and they can work independently day and night.