Infosys Campus Connect Programme

Infosys, the third largest India based IT services corporation has honored CEC by signing MOU through Campus Connect Programme. This highly talked about programme provide a massive platform for the students to upgrade their skills and talent as per the latest industrial requirements. Consequently, this helps our young engineers to get successfully placed in Infosys and other leading multinational corporations. The clubs/ societies run by various departments under this programme are as follows:

Department of Information Technology

Infotech Club

Infotech club is a club of students of Dept of Information Technology officially recognized by the CEC. This club is run exclusively by the students with the guidance and support of an advisor from the faculty. As an administrative liaison to the student clubs, CEC assists Infotech club in many academics, extra-curricular activities and events.
Infotech club provide students with an opportunity to combine various aspects of academic and/or vocational learning into personal action. Through participation in an Infotech club, students learn to apply the skills and responsibilities of leadership (communication, team building, problem solving, meeting management, decision making and conflict management) and they become involved in the community. Clubs are a great way to meet other students with similar interests and have fun while developing lifelong skills.
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering
Radiance Professional Society:

Radiance professional society is techno cultural society of ECE deptt. This society organizes different events for students time to time. This society has been created for:-

  • Developing Technical and Communication skills
  • Self grooming of students
  • Inculcate leadership qualities
  • Develop Managerial skills
  • Improve confidence level
  • Talent Hunt
  • Innovations
  • Team Spirit

Project Club:

This project club has been formed to motivate the students to undertake some innovative projects that are useful for campus related projects. The students are enrolled in project club and actively participated in various intercollegiate activities like workshop, paper presentation competition and robotics competition. The students who won it for their projects are provided financial aid from the college. This club is created to encourage the students to express their ideas in technical field.

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mechnorobs Club:

Mechnorobs – A rock show by the name of RPM was organized which saw 10 rock bands participating in it and in the end, star band DE INNOVATIVES gave a scintillating performance. This club was formed by the mechanical engineering department in the year 2006. The club has successfully organized Group Discussion, Quiz contest, Rock Show, Cricket matches. The Group Discussion forum started in 2006 with 32 participants and the number of participants reached 160 by the year 2010. The rock show by the name of RPM had 10 rock bands who participated in the rock show. Various technical projects are being done by the students under the guidance of the faculty.

Department of Computer Science Engineering

Anti Narcotics Association:

This new elite unit is part of the efforts in the battle against drugs. “With this type of activity, we reduce the possibility of our younger generation becoming drug addict”, said President of CECANA at the inaugural ceremony of the Association. Comprising of 25 Members, the CECANA has various departments including:

  • Drug awareness wing
  • Rehabilitation Wing
  • Anti-drug counseling Wing
  • Helpline Wing

Major Services:

  • Preventive Drug Education
  • Anti-drug and Inhalant Abuse Badge Scheme
  • CECANA Helpline
  • Family Enrichment Programme
  • Volunteers management Programme
  • Anti-Drug Exhibitions

CECANA believes that preventive education is a critical pillar of its strategy to help and complement anti-Narcotics effort. This is because once a youth is addicted to narcotics, his future and sometimes his life can be at a stake. It is, therefore, important to ensure that preventive education starts at an early stage in the school to help students realize the dangers of addiction to narcotics. CECANA must build up not only immunity against drug abuse, but also a consensus of zero tolerance against narcotics.
As part of its long-term strategy, the CECANA intends to focus on creating a strong and cohesive social network to support the Government’s anti-drug measures and programmes. It strongly believes that everyone in the community has a role to play and an obligation to fight drug abuse. The ultimate aim is also to create a “caring chain” so that a rehabilitated addict can travel the long road to full recovery with the help of someone who cares and supports him at every stage of the journey.