Applied Science Department Organized Guest Lecture on “Stereochemistry & Stereo chemical Compounds with Applications”

A Guest lecture on “Stereochemistry & Stereochemical compounds with Applications” was organized by Applied Science Department of Chandigarh Engineering College on 27th – Aug-2019. Dr. Kamaldeep Paul from Thapur University was the Guest speaker. About 120 students of B.Tech ECE and ME attended the lecture in seminal hall of Block-9. The lecture started with the welcome address by Dr. Preeti Mehta at 10:15 am and ended at 12:30 pm.
Dr. Paul explained stereochemistry to the students with the help of examples. All the topics of stereochemistry like: Enantio-merism, Diastereo-merism, optical and Geometrical isomerism along with their examples were covered in the lecture. At the end the students were asked certain questions by Dr. Paul.