Department of Electronics and Communication had organized the event COMBAT THE COVID IDEATHON on May 29th, 2021 on online platform. The purpose of the event is to uplift the innovative skills of the students and provide them a platform to showcase their creation in order to combat the present scenario. Teams had to present the idea for design of the oxygen concentrators. Dr. Pooja Sahni, Professor, ECE Deptt., judged the teams based on quality of idea presented by the teams. The event seeks investigation and innovation in the development of both individual and portable oxygen concentrators:

In domain of alternate materials and mechanisms for oxygen separation
Design, development, and manufacturing of critical components such as valves and oil-less compressors,
Design improvements for greater performance
AI-optimized oxygen flow devices
Oxygen-level IoT sensors etc. Mam also guide the teams how they can improve the areas they’re lacking.

Students from the department participated with full zeal and top three teams were selected for submitting the proposal. Overall, the event was successfully conducted.
Qualifiers for the event are:
Sakshi Bhatt, Sukhbir Singh – Chandigarh Engineering College
Muskan Kumari, Priyansh Kumar, Kumar Parth – Chandigarh Engineering College
Sundar Newar, Tania Goyal – Chandigarh Engineering College