CSE Department organized Innovative Project Display Competition by Coding Blocks

Department of CSE, CEC organized Innovative Project Display on 22nd August 2019. 20 teams participated in the event. The teams showcased their developed projects on various technologies. Students had also shown their Hardware and Software developed projects. Some projects are listed below.

Sr. No Name Colege Project Name
1 Nitin Singh COE Medical Parts Website
2 Archit COE C++ Tutorial
3 Abhishek COE
4 Abhishek COE
5 Harsh preet COE VNG Medical
6 Prince Kumar COE Teaflix
7 Piyush COE
8 Nitish COE
9 Nandini COE Drowsiness Detector
10 faiz abbas COE LDR based project window safety
11 Kunal COE Pet Hack
12 Hitesh COE ultrasonic radar System
13 Kushagar Goel COE Call for Life
14 Piyush COE
15 Pardeep Kaur COE Packet transfer in the network

Winners of Innovative Project Display were:
1st prize- Call for Life Project
2nd prize- Drowsiness Detector Project