ECE Department Organized Industrial Visit To Doordarshan Kendra, Kasauli, HP

An industrial visit to Doordarshan Kendra (Prasar Bharti); Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh was organized by Department of Electronics & Communication Engg., CEC Landran on 3rd April 2019. The visit was well coordinated by Ms. Tejinder and Mr Gaurav Garg of ECE department. Total 52 students of 4th and 6th semester along with faculty members of the department attended the same.
The Doordarshan Kendra of Kasauli (A Government Undertaking) was established here in early 80s. In Doordarshan Kendra (Prasar Bharti), Students visited the entire studio like control room, music studio, playback studio, talks studio, Transmitter Section, recording room; etc. The visit started with the video recording room where the company personnel explained the concepts of lighting, cameras used with live demonstrations There are total 3 ELG cameras & 1 ENG camera in that studio .Then he showed the working of control room to the students. At control room there are two VM i.e. Video mixing machine, which mix the video output of those ELG cameras. He demonstrated the students that how the video from CCU (Central Control Unit) comes to VTR (Video Tape Recorder) then to CCVS (Color Composite Video Signal).Then he took the students to Audio control room where he showed the tally distribution and audio console, from which they control the audio signals by altering the Frequencies of sound. He also explained about the different frequency band i.e. HF, VHF, UHF etc, Transmitter & Receiver, uplink & downlink frequency, Line of sight, analog & digital signal, resonance, microwave communication, satellite communication, waveguide, multiplexing, RF, digital encoding, quantization, noise, earth station, power supply, signal transmission, and many more such devices and principles. After that, they headed towards transmission part. The tower situated at the height of 1680 meter above sea level is 130 meter high, including 14-meter height of DD 1 antenna. The signal-catching facility is outstanding and currently is also used by private Operators on Rent. It’s the transmitter station from where all the received frequencies are captured and transmitted in the form of radiations.
The visit was exceptionally good and knowledgeable for the students as well as the faculty. All the students highly enjoyed their entire visit. It was an amazing experience of fun & learning.