Expert Lecture on Embedded System Design using IOT

An Expert talk was organized for B.Tech. Students of 3rd semester virtually via Google meet mode on the occasion of Engineers Day. The Guest Lecture was given by Er. Arvind Dixit of Advance Technology, Chandigarh on the topic Embedded system Design Using IOT. The speaker explained how Embedded system design technology is implemented using IOT, and it’s worth taking it, as a career. The complete workflow and how to implement various projects on embedded design were explained.
Latest development in embedded system & design technology in which the software development board like arduino , Raspberry Pie were discussed along with the microcontroller 8051 and PIC Controller .
The use of Wireless projects in combination to Microprocessor & how interfacing was discussed with the students of ECE. The expert focused on the live session with the interfacing techniques which can be possible with the different processors /controllers.
He also explained how embedded systems has revolunized the world in the field of electronics, and how along with microprocessor various applications and projects can be made possible and can become smart after combining with IOT Technology. He taught students how to develop real time application based good projects using embedded design & technology

The Students were able to know Basic & advance knowledge of Embedded system design using IOT