One-Day Seminar on “A Roadmap for Summer Internships”

A one-day seminar on “A Roadmap for Summer Internships” powered by INTERNSHALA was organized in seminar Hall of block 9 on Thursday, 12th March 2020 by CSE Department, CEC Landran. The seminar was attended by 500 students. The seminar was perfectly designed to showcase various benefits of internships to our students giving them exposure of integrating career development. The benefits of internships mentioned in the seminar were:
• Gaining valuable work experience.
• Exploring a career path.
• Give an edge in the job market.
• Developing and refining skills.
• Receiving financial compensation.
• Network with professionals in the field.
• Gaining confidence.
• Transition into a job.
The seminar was delivered by Ms. Lakshita Sejwal, AP (CSE) who addressed the topics of career development, Skill enhancement and also encouraged the students to do internships. The learning objectives, course activities, scheduling rationale and advantages of the various types of internships were discussed in detail.