Two days Faculty Training Certification Program on AI and ML Toolkit in Research

Department of Electronics and communication in collaboration with EESPL, IETE & IIC council of Chandigarh engineering college organized a two days FTCP on AI and ML Toolkit in Research Application. Dr. S. C. Jain , Chairman IETE inaugurated the FTP and addressed the gathering via zoom platform. Mr. Gurmeet Sharma, COO (Chief Operating Officer), EESPL, Mohali. He covered the topics like Intelligence Evolution Human Intelligence to Artificial Intelligence, AI and Its Impact in Different Engineering Areas, Machine Learning (Realtime AI Implementation Platforms), Importance of Data, Data Science in Artificial Intelligence, Learning Curve to AI

On the second day of FTCP, Mr. Deepak Kumar, Project Head R&D, EESPL, Mohali deliverd the talk. He demonstrated many Tools, Technologies and Skill Set Requirements for AI , Programming Language tools and Various Libraries, NumPy, Pandas, Statistics Tools, Different Visualization Libraries, Data Science Algos and Regression Techniques, Deep Learning Libraries Keras and Py-Torch
Almost 80 attendees for various institutes of repute marked their presence in the FTCP.