M.Tech (ECE) ( Masters of Technology in Electronics and Communications)

The two-year Electronics and Communication Engineering Masters degree program aims to offer talented Bachelors of technology graduates with a stimulating research environment and a world-class education. In addition, the course curriculum will provide students with extensive knowledge and research skills needed for employment in the electronics industry.
Eligibility Criteria
Graduation are 60% or above
Duration of this program
2 Years (4 Semesters)

First Semester
Course CodeCourse Title
MTRM -101 Research Methodology
MTEC-101 Electronics System Design
MTEC-102 Data Communication Network
MTEC-103 Advanced Commn. Systems
MTEC-104 Neural Network & Fuzzy Logic
MTEC-105 Lab-I
Semester 2
MTEC-201 Optical Communication Systems
MTEC-202 Dig. Speech & Image Processing
MTEC-203 Information Theory & Coding
MTEC-204X Elective-I
MTEC -206 Lab-II
Semester 3
MTEC-301X Elective-III
MTEC-302Y Elective-IV
MTEC-303 Project
MTEC-304 Seminar
MTEC-305 Dissertation (Synopsis)
Semester 4
MTEC-305 Dissertation
1st Elective-I
List of ElectivesElectronics and Communication Engineering
MTEC-204A Advanced Microprocessor & Embedded Systems
MTEC-204BVLSI Design
MTEC-204C Reliability of Electronics Communication Systems
MME-501Optimization Techniques
MTEC-205AMultimedia Communication Systems
MTEC-205BParallel Processing
MTEC-205CPeripheral System Design & Interfacing
MTEC-205D Mobile Communication
MTEC-301A Modeling and Simulation of Communication Systems
MTEC-301BMicrowave Theory and Techniques
MTEC-301CDetection and Estimation Theory
MTEC-301D Wireless Communication and Networks
MTEC-302AMicroelectronics Technology
MTEC-302B Internet Working and Internet Protocols
MTEC-302C RF Microwave & Antenna Theory
MTEC-302D Computational Techniques