Sr. No.JournalPaperAuthorNation/InternationalVolume/IssuePage NoMonth/Year
1Materials Sciences: Materials in electronicsStructural, optical and magnetic properties of Gadolinium-doped ZnO properties nanoparticlesNupur Aggarwal, Kamaldeep Kaur, Ajay VashishthInternational2713006-1300112016
2Inter. Conf. on Nanotechnology for Better livingStudy of Magnetism in Gd doped ZnO nano particlesNupur Aggarwal, Ajay VashishthInternational32002016
3ICTAM – AMF 10To study Tunguston Bronze Ferroelectric Ceramics as an electrically tunable devicesAjay Vashishth, Shilpi Jindal, Gangan Anand

4World Journal of Pharmaceutical ResearchSynthesis and assessment of some novel thiophenes as potential antimicrobialKiran MishraInternational41436-14392015
5International Journal of chemical and pharmaceutical sciencesZn oxide Nanoparticles for choosy disasterKiran MishraInternational32213-22242015
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7Latin American Journal of Solid and StructuresPropagation of SH waves in a double non-homogeneous crustal layers of finite depth lying over an homogeneous half spaceMunish Sethi, Arvind Sharma, Anupamdeep Sharma

8Propagation of SH waves in a regular non-homogeneous monoclinic crustal layer lying over a non-homogeneous semi-infinite mediumMunish Sethi, Arvind Sharma, Vishal Sharma, Anupamdeep SharmaInternational25(3-4)2016
9 International Conference on Sciences , Engineering and Technology Innovations

Finite Element Method of Non-Newtonian Behaviour of Blood on Pulsatile Flows in Stenosed Arteries with magnetic effectsDr Anil Kumarnternational226-30
10International Conference on Sciences , Engineering and Technology InnovationsMathematical study and Stability Analysis of a Prey-Predator Model with Third orderDr Anil Kumar and Dr S P AgarwalInternational231-342016
11International Conference on Sciences , Engineering and Technology InnovationsFinite Difference Scheme for MHD Flow over a Linearly Stretched Sheet with Thermal RadiationAnil Kumar and Pawan Preet KaurInternational231-342016
12TEQIP-II (Adv. Stat. Sci & Tech.)Use of statical tool for practical real lifeDr. Anil KumarNational2016
13Imperial journal of Interdisciplinary ResearchEvolution of English LanguageInderpreet Kaur BediNational211832016
14News ArticleDynamics of CommunicationKrishan KantNational2016
15News Article

A word of thoughtKrishan KantNational2016
16Indian Journal of Science and TechnologyRecent advances in sciences and technology of single and multi wall carbon nanotubes and their compositsRavinder Tonk, Ajay Vashishth and DK AgarwaalNational91 to 52016
17ICTAM – AMF 10Investigation of room temperature ferromagenatic behavior in diluteAjay Vashishth, Nupur Agrawal, Gagan AnandNational2382016
Sr. No.JournalPaperAuthorNation/InternationalVolume/IssuePage NoMonth/Year
1World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.Effect of Intermittent dosing on production of Inulinase from Dahlia tubers using Kluyveromyces MarxianusGurjeet Singh Bedi, Manjinder Kaur Bedi, S. Maheshwari and P. S. BediInternational3(7)716-7232014
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3Modern physics Letter ANuclear Structure and Reaction Properties of Ne, Mg and Si Isotopes with RMF DensitiesNuclear Structure and Reaction Properties of Ne, Mg and Si Isotopes with RMF DensitiesInternational2914500132014
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10Brazilian journal of Physics

Nuclear reaction cross section of light mass nuclei using relativistic and non relativistic densitiesMahesh K. Sharma, R. N. Panda, Manoj K. Sharma and S. K. PatraInternational45138-1462015
11Applied Surface ScienceStructures and energetics of lithium adatom and its dimer on graphene – a dft studyGagandeep Kaur, Shuchi Gupta, Pooja Rani and KeyaInternational33419-2320158
Sr. No.JournalPaperAuthorNation/InternationalVolume/IssuePage NoMonth/Year
1AIP Conf. Proc.Adsorption of silver dimer on graphene – a dft studyGagandeep Kaur, Shuchi Gupta, Pooja Rani and Keya DharamvirInternational33915912014
2AIP Conf. Proc.Adsorption of two sodium atoms on graphene- a first principles studyGagandeep kaur, Shuchi Gupta and Keya Dharamvir, “

3International journal of Science Technology & ManagementReducing Theoretical Complexity Metric for Component Based SoftwaresDeeksha Rani1 , Dr. Vinod Kumar Bhalla2 Vijay Kumar Sinha3InternationalPresented in National Conference on RTICCN-2015 at CGC-COE , Landran , Mohali(Punjab) on 26-27th March 2015
Sr. No.JournalPaperAuthorNation/InternationalVolume/IssuePage NoMonth/Year
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