Unnat Bharat Abhiyan

Chandigarh Engineering College (CEC) has been selected as participating Institute (PI) under Unnat Bharat Abhiyan 2.0 (UBA 2.0). UBA is a flagship program of MHRD, New Delhi, India. Our institute has received a Grant through Govt. of India to carry out the social development activities in rural areas under UBA.
The Mission of UBA is to enable higher educational institutions to work with the people of rural India in identifying development challenges and evolving appropriate solutions for accelerating sustainable growth. It also aims to create a virtuous cycle between society and an inclusive academic system by providing knowledge and practices for emerging professions and to upgrade the capabilities of both the public and the private sectors in responding to the development needs of rural India.
We have adopted 05 nearby villages for the same. Following are the Overall Coordinators:

Overall Coordinators:

Dr. Rachin Goyal (Assoc. Profs. MED, CEC). 9914150788, rachin.coeme@cgc.edu.in
Dr. Vinod Kumar Rohilla (Assoc. Profs. MED, CEC). 7888835464, hod.coeme@cgc.edu.in

The list of adopted villages and concerned village coordinators are as under:

Names of villagesAdopted ByVillage CoordinatorContact No.Email Id
SawaraIT, CECMr. Mandeep Devegan9781946789mandeep.it@cgc.edu.in
SaidpurECE, CEC Ms. Chanpreet Kaur 8146400707chanpreet.ece@cgc.edu.in

KailonApp. Sc., CECDr. Vijay Kumar Sinha9781552900Vijay.appsci@cgc.edu.in
BairampurME,CECMr. Aneesh Goyal8198035000aneesh.coeme@cgc.edu.in
MaujpurCSE, ECEMr. Suresh Kataria8847363149suresh.appsci@cgc.edu.in

Moving hand-in-hand with #UBA 2.0 for a progressing nation!
We are making resolute efforts towards the upliftment of these 5 villages, adopted by us under UBA 2.0. Our team has held meetings with the Sarpanches and Panchayat Secretaries of these villages to identify the key areas of development.
Since joining UBA we have:
1. Built a team of volunteers.
2. Conducted the Gram Sabhas in all of the five adopted villages
3. Conducted Villages Surveys in all of the five adopted villages
4. Conducted Household Surveys in all of the five adopted villages
At present, we are uploading the village and household survey data on the Portal.

Glimpse of the Activities carried under Unnat Bharat Abhiyan

Faculty of CEC, alongwith the Sarpanch and Panchayat Secretary of village Sawara, addressing the villagers during Gram Sabha on 16/1/2020.

Faculty of CEC, alongwith the Sarpanch of Village Maujpur, putting entry during Gram Sabha at Village Maujpur on 18/1/2020