Electronics and Communication Library has number of NPTEL videos which students can use for better understanding the concepts .Below the List of some NPTEL Videos which are available in the department

NPTELAdvance Optical Communication
NPTEL3G and 4G Wireless Communication
NPTELCircuits for Analog System Design
NPTELAdvance VlSI Design
NPTELAnalog Digital Synthesis
NPTELARM Based Development
NPTELBasic Electronics
NPTELAnalog IC Design
NPTELBroadband N/Ws: Concept & Technology
NPTELCoading Theory
NPTELCMOS Mixed Signal VLSI Design
NPTELCommunication Networking: Analytical Approch
NPTELDigital Circuits & Systems
NPTELCommunication Engineering
NPTELDigital Communication
NPTELDigital Controller Design
NPTELDigital Image Processing
NPTELDigital System Design with PLD’s & FPGA’s
NPTELDigital Switching
NPTELDigital System Design
NPTELDigital VLSI Circuits
NPTELDigital Voice & Picture Communication
NPTELElectromegnatic Compatibility for Circuit Designers
NPTELDiscrete Event Stochatic Processes
NPTELEmbedded System Design-1
NPTELElectronics for Analog Signal Processing-I
NPTELElectronics for Analog Signal Processing-II
NPTELEmbedded Software Testing
NPTELError Correcting Codes
NPTELHigh Speed Devices & Circuits