Vision of The Department

To create and nurture quality professional in the field of Information Technology by providing technical, research and leadership skills to meet the evolving needs of Industry and Society

Mission of The Department

M1:To strive for viable academic Quality in Information Technology through effective teaching learning practices with latest methodologies.
M2:To provide cutting edge Facilities and Environment to enhance quality in Academic and Allied Activities.
M3:To provide career counseling with competent skill-set, for nurturing graduates to be IT professionals, researchers and entrepreneurs.
M4:To produce socially and morally responsible IT professionals by inculcating ethical values to serve society at large.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

The programme educational objectives of the Information Technology programme are designed to produce IT Professionals who are ready to serve in various spheres of Society.
PEO1: To empower students with sound knowledge in the mathematical, scientific and engineering fundamentals necessary to formulate, solve and analyze engineering problems and prepare them for competent IT graduates.
PEO2: To enable students to pursue lucrative IT related career, higher education, research and deploy creative ideas and efforts in the field of Information Technology
PEO3: To prepare students to use the acquired knowledge in societal and environmental sensitive manner with professional ethics in a team.
PEO4: The department will ensure to integrate development of technological and communication skills together with state of art facilities to produce good professionals.
PEO5: To ensure that faculty and students use innovative methods of self learning and facilitating learning to inculcate, recognize and nurture technological change and embrace lifelong learning skills.