Vision of the Department

To emerge as centre of quality education for creating competent mechanical engineers catering to the ever-changing needs of industry and society.

Mission of the Department

M1: To provide quality education by constantly updating departmental resources and using effective teaching learning methodology.
M2:To promote research practices in the field of mechanical engineering in pursuit of academic excellence and for the benefit of society.
M3:To establish industrial collaborations for imparting contemporary knowledge to keep pace with the technological challenges in the interdisciplinary and core areas of mechanical engineering.
M4: To provide opportunities to the students for global exposure through international collaborations.
M5: To nurture students through pre-placement training programs to succeed in campus placements and to provide guidance for entrepreneurship and higher studies.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

Mechanical Engineering graduates will be able to:
PEO1: Develop dexterity to analyze and synthesize data and technical concepts for design, development and manufacturing.
PEO2:Meet the present needs of industry effectively.
PEO3:Embrace multidisciplinary view with an ability to work diligently as leader /team member on various projects with a focus on the economic, environmental and social feasibility of the project.
PEO4: Exhibit communication skills along with mathematical and scientific fundamentals to excel in various career related aspects.
PEO5:Engage in continuous self-improvement, personal enrichment and professional ethics through lifelong learning.