CEC organized INTELLIWATS (Innovative Project Display)

Event objectives:
The main objective of the event is to give Students kick start about how technical skills and competence are required to perform specific tasks.
Students were made to learn how one has to actively particpate in technical events/projects.
Students got clear idea about how to work on projects within a team and individually for placements.
Students were motivated to work upon languages that are in high demand.
2. About the Event: It was a project displaying event on one of the technologies in high demand that is Internet of Things (IoT). The project was displayed by Ms. Muskan, an alumnus of Chandigarh Engineering College and was prepared by her along with her team. The project was based upon The Smart Water Monitoring system, which solved the most common problems of the society.
Ms. Muskan proved to be successful in binding the audience and also The Head of The Department, Mr. Shashi Bhushan along with the faculty members, Dr. Amanpreet Kaur and Dr. Heena Wadhwa indulged in the session. Thus, the event was a huge success.
3. No. of participants: 172
Students count: 164
Faculty Count: 6
Experts: 2
4. Event Outcome: Knowledge achieved, learnings etc (about 150 words in points)
Event Outcome1:-The event made the students gain a lot of knowledge as the expert also enlightened the ways to work upon live projects to get decent placements. The best part was that the students from different departments were brought together who were trained differently but they successfully engaged in the event.
Event Outcome2:-The session proved to be very informative as the students were told about the correct way to analyze the demands by finding innovative solutions and by the Future Competitive Analysis and the students were also informed of the importance of getting updated with the latest technologies.
Event Outcome3:-The students were told to find and work upon the languages that are in high demand and those which the students love to work upon.
Event Outcome4:-The students were zealous and were ready to work on dynamic projects and think of different innovative ideas and how to kick start the process of finding the solutions.