MBA Department organized Session on “How to Plan Start-Up and its Ethical & Legal Steps”

A virtual interactive session was organized for MBA final year students on “How to Plan Start-Up and its Ethical & Legal Steps” on 5th February 2021. The session was addressed by an eminent speaker and businesswoman, Ms.Amarpal Kaur, owner of Ardaas Financial solutions and services, Mohali, Punjab.
The aim of this session was to describe the process of registration of start-ups, patenting of ideas vis-à-vis elucidating its ethical and legal facets. The pivot of the session was also on the need and enrichment of knowledge on existing start-ups and businesses to generate ideas. Students were highly encouraged to think about their own start-ups leading to the generation of employment. Students’ queries were taken at the end of the session regarding the difference between start-ups and business, the need to understand the competitor’s strategies, the government’s policiesin developing ideas for start-ups and relaxation given by the government in the initial years of building a start-up.Students gained in-depth knowledge of the need to study the environment for the business and its related ethic and legal issues.