Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme (TEQIP) Phase-II

TEQIP-II project was initiated by NPIU under the aegis of MHRD, Government of India with the help of World Bank during the financial year 2011-12. Chandigarh Engineering College was the only private college out of 7 colleges selected in Punjab under sub-component 1.1 “Strengthening Institutions to Improve Learning Outcomes and Employability of Graduates” was the objective of this project.

The institution was accorded a grant of Rs. 4 Crore in the ratio of 60% (Central Government share-RS.2.4 Crore): 20 %( State Government share-Rs. 0.8 Crore):20 % ( Institution’s own contributions-Rs.0.8 Crore). As per Guidelines of NPIU under Project Implementation Plan (PIP) manual, the grant had to be spent in specified proportion under different heads.

Out of the Rs. 4 crore, MHRD released two partial installments of grant , first in 2012-13 of Rs. 32 Lacs( Rs. 24 Lacs Central Share+ Rs. 8 Lacs State share) and Rs. 1.64 Crore( Rs. 1.23 Crore Central Share+ Rs. 41 lacs State share) in 2015-16. As per the policy of the grant, the central share had been first received by state government and after adding state share, handed over to the institutions. In that, the institute added up its share and spent the amount as prescribed in PIP manual.

Out of these two installments, Institute had got first installment of Rs. 32 Lacs in full and only state share of Rs. 41 lacs of second installment was disbursed by the Punjab Government and central share od RS. 123 lacs were held up even as on today. So, the institute has received only a total of Rs. 32 Lacs+41Lacs= Rs. 73 Lacs only.

Major expenditures were done using this grant on procurement of books, journals, few software and QEEE Equipments (Around Rs. 40 Lacs), On different in-house and ouside faculty development programs (Rs. 26 Lacs), on paying NBA Accreditation Fees under Institution Reforms ( Rs. 11 Lacs), paying salaries to two TEQIP Assistants and on other miscellaneous expenditures (Rs. 3 Lacs) and on Management Capacity Enhancement of higher Authorities ( Rs. 7 Lacs). So, In a way, college has spend more even in actual than the received amount.

There were no major activities under TEQIP in CEC from 2014-15 due to non-release of grant and due to condition of NPIU and MHRD that no further installment of grant will be released till the furnishing of proof of expenditure of already released grant, without bothering that the same was held up by the state government. The project officially came to an end on 31st July, 2017.