Computer Science & Engineering

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering offers 4-year B.Tech. programmes in Computer Science and Engineering at the undergraduate level. At the post –graduate level it offers M.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering.The various subjects covered in the B.E program include Software Engineering, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Operating Systems, Computer Graphics, Database and information Systems Engineering and Networking Technologies. These subjects have been selected after the consultations from IT Industry. These courses provide exposure to emerging technologies as well as futuristic technologies like Networking , Cloud computing and High Performance Computing. The Department has undertaken credible projects in the fields of Software Engineering, Cloud Computing, Image processing, Artificial Intelligence, Networking. These technologies currently have very high demand in the market.
The focus of the department is on excellent teaching and learning process. It has state of the art labs with latest hardware and software .The faculty is young, motivated and dedicated with a good ratio of PhD Degree holders. Their sole purpose is to provide the highest quality technical education to the students. Many of them have also visited foreign countries for presenting their research work in highly reputed conferences and workshops and have certifications in technology areas of Computer Science and Engineering
The department has an extensive student engagement framework. Regular interactions, annual Educational Tours and a responsive feedback mechanism ensure the highest level of student engagement in the education process.The department produces excellent quality PG Thesis by ensuring Quality through Plagiarism tools and mandatory quality publications. It has a long list of distinguished visitors from India and Abroad for research and academic interactions. Many research seminars are organized on latest topics by experts/researchers and academicians who help the PG students having a broad view about the current and on demand technologies. It has resulted in a growing list of SCI Publications and Citations by the faculty and students
The department has an excellent Training and Placement Programme in addition to normal course which trains the students extensively for placement process. The result is a long list of dream companies visiting the campus for the placement of our student including Google, Microsoft, Samsung, apart from Intel ,IBM, Infosys, Wipro, Accenture and so on.Department has very good linkages with outside world through the relationships that have been developed by senior faculty due to their research and academic interactions .Many MoUs signed with Industry and Foreign Institutions