English Lab
There are two English labs in the department equipped with fully functional Globrena software. As per the IKGPTU course curriculum, these labs are used to inculcate students with the four basic skills for acquiring proficiency in the English language. These skills are Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. The lab activities include Self Introduction, Roleplay, Public Speaking, Debating, Group Discussions, Making Presentations, Interpersonal Communication Skills and Interview skills.

There are two Physics labs (Lab1 and Lab2) for B.Tech first-year students in the Department. Both labs are equipped with the latest apparatus as per the IKGPTU syllabus. The list of apparatus includes Michelson Morley Interferometer, Spectrometer for finding the refractive index of a material, B-H curve apparatus, Dielectric Constant apparatus, Electric vibrator, etc.

As per the curriculum of IKGPTU, two Chemistry labs have been set up in the department for B. Tech. first year students for performing volumetric analysis, Organic compound preparations and physical chemistry experiments. Experiments are designed to determine the hardness of, and chlorine present in water and preparation of some useful compounds like Bakelite. The major equipment in both the labs are flash point apparatus, pH meter, Muffle furnace, Oven and redwood viscometer.

To familiarize the students with computer organization, operating systems, problem-solving and programming in C++, four PPS labs have been set up in the department to create world-class computing infrastructure for the enhancement of technical knowledge in the field of Computer Science and Engineering.

There are two Computer Graphics Labs in the Applied Sciences Department that deal with the use of Autocad Software to fully explore and understand the features of any simple geometrical object, Machine parts, and their assembly. Each lab comprises various exercises.

To dispense the basic knowledge of circuits, transducers and semiconductor devices, two BEE labs have been set up in the Department as per the course curriculum. Major Apparatus include DC regulated power supply, Resonance apparatus, LVDT trainer kits, BH curve apparatus, Transistor Characteristics apparatus, Thermocouple trainer Kits, Analog trainer Kits, Digital Trainer Kits, Single Phase Induction Motor, DC motor starters, Open and Short circuit test Kits, Fluorescent Light Kit, etc.

Various workshops like Carpentry Shop, Foundry Shop, Smithy Shop, Machine Shop, Welding Shop, Electrical Shop, Plastic Moulding shop, and Fitting shop have been set up to enhance the in-depth knowledge of students in the area of Design & Manufacturing practices.


A library is the heart of every institution. There is a spacious library equipped with the wi-fi facility in Applied Sciences block which caters to the requirements of approximately 1500 students, faculty and staff. The library is organized into various sections viz Circular Section, Periodical Section, Reference Section, Newspaper/ Magazine Section, Technical Section, Binding Section, which are manned by professionally qualified staff. The Library is well-ventilated, spacious, and well-stocked with 6521 books of different subjects for B.Tech 1st year.

There is one meeting room in the department which is used for academic meetings and other important activities.

The seminar hall in the department is fully air-conditioned and equipped with an LCD projector, Laptop, and Wi-Fi facility. Seminar Hall is used during faculty development programs, Guest Lectures, Expert Talks, and Conferences, etc. It can comfortably accommodate around 300 individuals.



The department also has one spacious girls’ common room. The room is properly ventilated, well-lit, neat and clean to provide a friendly ambiance to the female students.

The Applied Science Department has established a computer center that has all the latest amenities with approximately 100 computers.

The Excelsior Club of Applied Sciences Department organizes various activities like Guest Lectures, Industrial visits, Debates, Group Discussion, Singing & Dance Competition, Technical events, etc. The club boosts up Scientific And Technical Temper Of Students and helps them to gain confidence in developing their personalities.

There is a separate spacious and hygienic canteen in the department that caters to the taste of all the students and staff. A variety of food and snacks with the highest quality are served in the canteen.

Mini Tuck-Shop facility for the purchase of stationery items is also available for students in the department.

There is a spacious library equipped with wi-fi facility in Applied Sciences block to cater the requirements of approximately 1500 students of different branches of first year, faculty and staff of different subjects of the department.
Library is organized into various sections viz. Circular Section, Periodical Section, Reference Section, Newspaper/ Magazine Section, Technical Section, Binding Section, which are manned by professionally qualified staff.
Monday to Friday from 9.15 A.M. to 4.35 P.M.

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