An Industrial Visit to MARS Edpal Instrument Private Limited , Ambala

The department of Electronics and Communication organised an industrial visit to Mars Edpal instrument Private limited, Ambala for 3rd semester students of AB section on 11 Sept, 2019. It is an Indian company providing reliable quality and competitively priced Electronic, Electrical and Scientific Instruments. This visit was coordinated by Dr. Bhawna Tandon and Mr. Jasvir Singh .
The visit started with a brief presentation of company profile. He took students to through different sections i.e electrical systems, mechanical, testing and wiring section. Students witnessed the working of CNC machine, PLC’s and domestic wiring board etc in a special section.
Towards the conclusion of the visit, the company personnel addressed all queries of the students and apprised them on different career opportunities in this sector. The visit was very informative, enriching and provided a great learning experience to the students.