Sr. No.JournalPaperAuthorNation/InternationalVolume/IssuePage NoMonth/Year
1IJCSTa survey image fusion techniques in spacial domain fusion systemApoorvavol.2 issue 62454-7514
2IJCSTImage fusion analysis using HPF, PCA,IHS,WAVELET, WAVELET PLUS DVR AND CONTRAST for MS/ PAN and multi focus images.Apoorvavol. 2 issue 112454-7514
3IJCSTA survey on emerging sensor technologies for ground water detectionBharti ChhabraVOL. 4 ISSUE 3ISSN:2348-2281JULY.-SEPT. 2016
4IJCSTA review on load balancing Algorithm for Fault Recovery in cloud computingBharti ChhabraVolume 4, Issue 4,ISSN: 2320-7868 (Online)August, 2016
5IJRECEAn Analytical Survey on the Satellite based Natural Terrain Feature Identification Techniques”,Bharti ChhabraVolume 4 Issue 4, p.p. 91-95,ISSN:2348-2281 (Online),Year 2016
6IJRECEAn Analytical Survey on the Plant Leaf Disease Detection TechniquesBharti ChhabraVolume 4 Issue 4, p.p. 86-90, Year 2016ISSN: 2348-2281(Online),Year 2016
7IJRECEA Review of Virtual Side Channel attack in Cloud Computing ArchitectureBharti ChhabraVol. 4 Issue 3, p.p, 137-141,ISSN: 2348-2281 (ONLINEJuly- Sept 2016
8IJRECEA Survey of the Elliptic curve cryptography attacks, advantages and DisadvantagesBharti ChhabraVOL. 4 ISSUE 3,pp 96-100,ISSN: 2393-9028 (PRINT),JULY.-SEPT. 2016
9IJRECEA Survey on Emerging Sensor Technologies for Groundwater DetectionBharti ChhabraVOL. 4 ISSUE 3,pp 90-95, JULY.-SEPT. 2016ISSN: 2348-2281 (ONLINEJULY.-SEPT. 2016
10IJARCSSEImplementation of Job Scheduling in Cloud Computing using various Scheduling AlgorithmsBharti ChhabraVolume 5, Issue 8,ISSN: 2277 128XAugust 2015
11IJARCSSEAn Approach for Singer Identification Technique Using Artificial Neural NetworkBharti ChhabraVolume 5, Issue 11,ISSN: 2277 128XNovember 2015
12IJCSTOverview of Cloud ComputingBhushanduaVol 7, Issue 4, Ver -1 (Oct-Dec 2016)ISSN : 0976-8491Oct – Dec 2016
13IJCSTBiometric Authentication in Computer SecurityBhushanduaVol. 7, Issue 4, Oct – Dec 2016ISSN : 2229-4333Oct – Dec 2016
14IJCSTChallenges and Issues in Adhoc NetworkBhushanduaVol. 7, Issue 4, Oct – Dec 2016ISSN : 0976-8491Oct – Dec 2016
Sr. No.JournalPaperAuthorNation/InternationalVolume/IssuePage NoMonth/Year
1IJCSTImportance of Data Quality in Existing systemsDeepi Johalissue4 volume 4ISSN: 2348-2282
2IJCSTVehicular Ad-hoc Network, A ReviewDeepi Johalissue4 volume 5ISSN: 2348-2283
3IJCSTA Framework for Data Migration between Various Types of Relational Database Management SystemsDeepi JohalVol 7, Issue 4, Ver -1 (Oct-Dec 2016)ISSN : 0976-8491Oct – Dec 2016
4IJCSTBig Data Management: Characteristics, Challenges and SolutionsDeepi JohalVol 7, Issue 4, Ver -1 (Oct-Dec 2016)ISSN : 0976-8493Oct – Dec 2016
5IJCSTBiometric Authentication in Computer SecurityDeepi JohalVol 7, Issue 4, Ver -1 (Oct-Dec 2016)ISSN : 0976-8494Oct – Dec 2016
6Springer ChapterDesign & development of android based bot for medicine & food distribution to patientsDolly SharmaISI, SCOPUSvol-479isbn (978-981-10-1707-0), pg 537-543May 2016
7IGI Global ChapterRNA Interference Therapeutics and Human DiseasesDolly SharmaSCOPUSAccepted ChapterAccepted Chapteraccepted paper in 2016. to be published in 2017
8IJCSTNADS: Neighbor Assisted Deployment Scheme for Optimal Placement ofDr. Devendra Prasadvol. 90, no. 4, pp. 1903–1933,2016
9IJCSTSensor Nodes to Achieve Blanket Coverage in Wireless Sensor NetworkDr. Devendra Prasad2016
10IJCSTPolicy for planned placement of sensor nodes in large scale wireless sensor network.,Dr. Devendra Prasadvol. 10, no. 7, pp. 3213-3230, 2016.2016
11JCSTFinger Vein Detection using Repeated Line Tracking, Even Gabor and Multilinear Discriminant Analysis (MDA)”,Geetanjali BabbarVol. 6 (4)Pg: 3280-328June,2015
12IJCSTLightweight Key Distribution for secure routing and secure information propagation – A ReviewGeetanjali BabbarVolume 4 Issue 3, March 2015.March, 2015
13IJCSTA Novel RTS/CTS based Relative Time Synchronization Technique for RFID based Wireless Sensor NetworkGeetanjali BabbarVOL-5DOI: 10.5815, page 35-46Oct 2015
Sr. No.JournalPaperAuthorNation/InternationalVolume/IssuePage NoMonth/Year
1IJCSTEfficiency Enhancement In WSN By using RTS/CTS Based relative time synchronizationGeetanjali BabbarVolume 3, Issue 4, pg:1-4.Sep, 2015
2IJCSTReview on Finger Vein Detection using Repeated Line, Even Gabor and Multilinear Descriminant Analysis(MDAGeetanjali BabbarVolume 1, Issue 1ISSN-2349-1841, Pg-50-54January 2015
34th International Conference on Eco-friendly Computing and Communication SystemsPresented: Algorithm for Shortest Path Problem in a Network with Interval-valued Intuitionistic Trapezoidal Fuzzy NumberGaurav JoshiProcedia Computer Science 70 ( 2015 ) 123 – 129December 7-8, 2015 at NIT, Kurukshetra
4NilNilGeetanjali BabbarNilNilNilNil
5Emerging areas in computer sciences & communication engineering-2016Review of transport layer protocols for video streaming over WimaxNavneet Kaur4/1/2016, CU GharuaPID-1015 in 2016
7NilNilKamalinder KaurNilNil
8Advances in computer SciencesA Principle of Voice-over-IP and Consistent hashing using Joust using Heterogeneous Communication Model SimulatorRajeev sharmApril 9, 2016 NA