Vision of Chandigarh Engineering College

To become a leading institute of the country for providing quality technical education in a research based environment for developing competent professionals and successful entrepreneurs.

Mission of Chandigarh Engineering College

  • To provide state of the art infrastructure and engage proficient faculty for enhancing the teaching learning process to deliver quality education.
  • To give a conducive environment for utilizing the research abilities to attain new learning for solving industrial problems and societal issues.
  • To collaborate with prominent industries for establishing advanced labs and using their expertise to give contemporary industry exposure to the students and faculty.
  • To cater opportunities for global exposure through association with foreign universities.
  • To extend choice based career options for students in campus placements, entrepreneurship and higher studies through career development program.

Vision of CSE Department

To develop proficient, research oriented and socially responsible professionals in the field of Computer Science and Engineering.

Mission of CSE Department

  • M1: To strengthen the core competence in Computer Science and Engineering through effective teaching learning methodologies.
  • M2: To provide research oriented environment in the area of Computer Science and Engineering addressing the need of industry and society.
  • M3: To promote industrial interactions and hands-on experience on latest IT tools leading to successful professional career.
  • M4: To facilitate the students with global exposure through international collaborations and internships.
  • M5: To prepare students for placements, higher studies and entrepreneurship through pre placement training programs.

Vision of ECE Department

To produce skilled, socially –sensitized and globally competitive professional engineering graduatesin the area of Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Mission of ECE Department

  • M1: To provide quality and contemporary education through innovative teaching-learning process and effective resource utilization.
  • M2: To develop responsive and socially sensitive engineer through research oriented practices.
  • M3: To promote industrial collaboration for providing practical exposure leading to industry ready engineering graduates.
  • M4: To open new vistas of learning for students through international collaborations.
  • M5: To provide conducive environment through pre placement training and professional development activities for providing ample opportunities of placements, higher studies and entrepreneurship.

Vision of Mechanical Department

To emerge as center of quality education for creating competent mechanical engineers catering to the ever-changing needs of industry and society.

Mission of Mechanical Department

  • M1: To provide quality education by constantly updating departmental resources and using effective teaching learning methodology.
  • M2: To promote research practices in the field of Mechanical Engineering for academic excellence and for the benefit of society.
  • M3: To establish industrial collaborations to keep pace with the technological challenges in the interdisciplinary and core areas of mechanical engineering.
  • M4: To provide opportunities to the students for global exposure.
  • M5: To nurture students through pre-placement program to succeed in campus placements and to provide guidance for entrepreneurship and higher studies.

Vision of IT Department

To create and nurture quality professional in the field of Information Technology by providing technical, research and leadership skills to meet the evolving needs of Industry and Society

Mission of IT Department

M1:To strive for viable academic Quality in Information Technology through effective teaching learning practices with latest methodologies.
M2:To provide cutting edge Facilities and Environment to enhance quality in Academic and Allied Activities.
M3:To provide career counseling with competent skill-set, for nurturing graduates to be IT professionals, researchers and entrepreneurs.
M4:To produce socially and morally responsible IT professionals by inculcating ethical values to serve society at large.