Students and faculty members of CGC Landran, Mohali attended the most awaited Episode 03 of “India First Leadership Talk Series” with Shri Ajit Doval Ji, National Security Advisor, Government of India on 19th March 2019 at 11:30 AM. The webinar was based on the Theme “Art of Decision Making” which was organized by MHRD’s Innovation Cell (MIC).
The talk proved to be extremely useful. It began with the very important discussion of Air strikes, Surgical strikes along with the present situation and the current scenario on how to be decisively correct and accurate every time. This helped the students to understand the importance of right decision making at right time. Not only this, but the students were also made to realize the need to take tough decisions at times with full preparation, knowledge, courage and keeping in mind the fallback condition. Also, the importance of understanding the concept of circumstances was being taken up which taught the youth to analyze the risk factor, judge the possible outcomes, clarify the objectives so that no doubt remains at the time of decision making. Questions of young minds like “what is the future of war/terrorism” were being taken up through which they learnt about the scope, benefits, need of cyber security. With this session students got to know about the strategies involved in a successful decision making process. The talk motivated the students to take decisions and making them realize that if there decision goes wrong, it’s not their fault because they gave their hundred percent to it.