NCC Session organized by Applied Science Department during SIP

The NCC session was organized by Applied Science Department during SIP (Student Induction Programme) for the new students. NCC stands for the National Cadets Corps and the main aim of NCC is to create an organized, trained and motivated youth. With this aim, Dr. Shikha Saxena, CTO-NCC gave useful information about NCC to the students. She told them that this course not only creates soldiers for the nation but it also develops the leadership skills in the youth besides teaching them to follow a disciplined life. She informed them that NCC helps the youth of India to develop and prepare themselves in all three forces i.e. Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force. Another NCC session was organized for the students in which Capt.Gurpreet Singh from Chandigarh University shared the history of NCC with the students, about how it was formed and what was its objective.
He told the students that initially NCC was formed to engage volunteers for rescue operations and also to create awareness camps. NCC inculcates duty and discipline in youth. The students were also informed about the procedure of enrollment in NCC.
To motivate the students, he also showed videos of best cadets on National level.