CEC organized an expert Talk with Alumni on INNOVATION ON MANUAL TESTING WITH

Event objective:
The objective of the event was to make the students well versed with the topic of software testing that’s another cool career option for the engineering students, to make the studentso meet more technical t the demands of the MNCs.
About the Event:
The event INNOVATION ON MANUAL TESTING WITH SELENIUM was organized for the engineering undergraduate students of IT, CEC. It was more like a lecture as the expert who is also an alumnus of Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Landran taught the students the basics of Software Testing.
Dr. Shashi Bhushan (HOD), Dr. Amanpreet and Mr. Pardeep Singh were present among the faculty members to encourage and support the students.
The event was a huge success as the interaction between the students and the expert was very enthusiastic and the count of the participants was a big number, and even the faculty members found it quite informative.
Technical Aspect : The Expert had presented virtual and practical examples to demonstrate the need of Selenium in manual testing in software Applications.
They also explained about the need of Selenium and how beneficial it is in the prospect of software testing .
They helped students understand and acknowledge various inputs and components of manual testing which is a fundamental aspect in terms of career in software testing.
No. of participants:
Students count: 171
Faculty Count: 5
Expert Count: 1
4. Event Outcome: Knowledge achieved, learnings etc (about 150 words in points)
Event Outcome1:-The students were motivated after the interaction with the expert Mr. Mohit Singla to work hard on their technical reasoning skills to become eligible and competent software testers.
Event Outcome2:-The basics of how software should work were covered by covering the idea of testing and bug fixing at the beginning with suitable examples that made the idea and concept of software development easy for students to understand.
Event Outcome3:-Students understood software testing using Selenium, browsers, platforms, and languages it supports and Selenium Webdriver Architecture. With this, the students became friendly with another job in Software Engineering.